I started this blog about a decade ago as a freshman in high school. I wrote an “About” page then. Here it is:


wow umm i’ve never done something like this before and it’s doubtful i will again but i had some free time and remebered a freind mentioning that they got on here so i googled it and found this site. i also founded her essay ‘gentleman’ which i find quite amussing so you should check it out and if your ever looking for someont to talk to i love to talk email me at michael.chess.kid@gmail.com i don’t know if anyone can read this but if you can i’d love to hear from you.



Don’t email that address. Here’s my new one: michaelrobb@michaelrobb.blog
Also, I have no idea where that essay was. I remember reading it, but alas, no link for you.


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