Currently, the Google Form that I’ve been using for accountability comes in three pages: first it asks about morning travel habits, eating choices, disciplines and then my feelings on the morning, second it asks about my lunch and school work, third it asks about rotation time, things “I feel I have to do, but don’t directly relate to written goal sheets”, and how I feel about the overall use of my day.

I like the form for how the responses are preformed for most of the questions. That means that I don’t have to consider how to answer, I only need to answer. It cuts down on typing volume and decision fatigue and really enables me to “just log data”, which is a huge part of my methodology around goal-setting/goal-attaining. Also, it quantifies and graphs responses which is such a useful tool! Especially for those who keep me accountable to be able to easily see trends and probe into them.

However, there are two qualitative portions of the Form that do not benefit from the above mentioned characteristics of using a form. They are the questions, “How did you feel about your use of the morning?” and “How did you feel about your use of the day?”. So, I think I would like to start addressing those on my web-log … “in hopes of connecting with real people over the internet.“… Probably by asking the slightly more inclusive question: “How do you feel about how you spent your day?”

Probably that will start next week. If not, it will be the week after. For now, I’m out.
For comments, have you ever started a blog you’ve regretted?


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