Ok, so the end has been in sight for quite some time. Lately though, it’s really been bearing down. Semester long projects have built up and can be left off no longer – something I should never do anyway – and normal assignments are still present. Plus, it’s a shortened week. Yesterday, I was at church for over 12 hours. Probably only 10 were devoted to homework, but it still felt like a lot. Today is going to be about the same… I went to breakfast with the remaining Men of Medlin.* So, I left the house at 5:55 to get there on time and made it back at 8:30. Hayley and I finally made it to church by 9:00. Time will tell how long we stay.

The things to do that are graded assignments include (in the order I intend to do them):

NT – Week 8 Readings: Revelation and two articles, two Discussion Board posts, a Final exam, a Reading Report, and a MATS review.

Gr – Exam

History – Readings: Chapters 21 & 22, one Extract, one Discussion Board, and MATS review.

NT – Essay regarding the usefulness of Ephesians in handling depression, Annotated Sermon Outlines for preaching through Philippians, and an Essay calling for apologetics based on 1 Peter.


In a perfect world, those would all get done today. I don’t think it’s impossible, but I also don’t think it is likely. Regardless, I’m looking forward to the end of the semester, recalibrating and resetting with regard to goals. I’m sure that as that happens, I will make use of this space. But for now, those dreams must be pushed off for the task at hand: school.


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