Gentlemen, TierTwo Brothers,

I’m sorry to have not written you more often since the end of the the semester. Things have been full and good! Saturday, Zac and Kelli came over and we got to catch up, dream about the future, and play Dominion – which turned out to be a very fun game. After that, Tim came over and helped us take Christmas pictures! He also surprised me with a celebratory cookie cake. Sunday we started with church early in the morning and then went to Lindsey’s for lunch before coming home to get my car and do some office work before watching the Jacques’ children while mom and dad were off to Elder Christmas party. Then Monday, I worked with Dave and Tim until early afternoon at which point I ran two errands, went to BX and then ReMax to sign paperwork. Finally, I reconnected with Hayley, went out for dinner and went home for cleaning, Bible reading, and bed. Then, here we are on the morning of Tuesday with me writing a report.

Beyond these big activities I’ve already reported to you, I want to admit that I’ve been enjoying a lot of “TinyCards”, which is a learning/studying app, lots. It’s been really fun and feels like the best way to waste time. However, I also hope to turn attention (and reporting) to my notecards and “to-do” list. Maybe I’ll do that now…



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