Thank you for reading my blog and accepting this a means of accountability. I know at least one of you did not recommend this transition; thank you for sticking with me through it. To you especially, I appreciate you so very much. Please continue to speak truth and hold me to high standards.

Today, as this website shows, I spent most the day blogging. In fact, after reading the Bible this morning, I turned straight to content production and began. I interrupted my work for rehearsal with Hayley which transformed into lunch and errands wth Hayley. Then, I went home and took a nap and played with TinyCards before coming back to work at which point I spent considerable time in prayer/worship before returning to blogging. When I did return to blogging, I wrote a response email to Mitch, crafted a list of “connections to make in blog posts as posts go up” which helped give me some direction. Now, I’m eager to get to part 3 of potential schedules, which will double as one of my To-Do items, and sketch a perfect week for the Spring semester as a full time student.

Before I can turn to Part 3 though, I need to do To-Do items and Decide Spring courses. I’d like to save that for when I can do it with Hayley because of her exceptional aptitude for this type of task. Also, when part three ends, I want to write “How to make a schedule” and turn it into a 4-part series, but that fourth part is a long way off.

So, I found myself at a standstill and unsure of where to move forward in blogging, I decided to write a review of the day for accountability’s sake and turn to Greek vocab before bed. (Which will also serve as part of To-Do Item: Get ahead in Greek.) Something that I didn’t do today that I want to be more diligent to do during my time off from school is work out. I want to exercise during this break and start that habit. Please keep me accountable there.


What areas do you find yourself most in need of accountability? How can I serve you in that way?


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