My dear friends.

It means so very much to me that you read my musings. That you concern yourself with my days. Thank you for this dear service you give to me. I hope in part – if not full – to return the favor you show me. And if I fail, I take solace that “whatever good anyone does, this he will receive back from the Lord”.

Yesterday was very full. Hayley and I came in early and I was able to do some blog work and help Dave around the church. I’m so glad to be able to serve him. He serves our congregation so faithfully and fruitfully as he cares for our facilities. Recently, his primary partner, Gary has been out for medical reasons and the Lord allowed it to fall during the season when I am not in class so that my assistance to him is not at all impacting my studies. Isn’t God faithful even in the small things?!

In addition to serving with him, I helped Hayley prepare last minute arrangements for the Christmas Dinner Theatre hosted at Crosspath. She worked very hard and I was truly able to make her job possible by my partnership with her. I’m so very proud of her. As I am proud of my church. Brothers, too many of our generation place church membership too low on their list of priorities. It pleases me so greatly to know that you strive to engage with your local congregations. May that always be the case for us.

At the end of the evening, Hayley was very drained, so I took her for soup and salad at Panera and turned in early. This morning, we came to work and attended staff prayer. Then I spent some time blogging, helping Dave, watching a movie: the big short, and personal prayer. Now, I’m going to go workout and have dinner with Hayley before bed. Maybe I’ll write to you more tomorrow. Until then, may the grace of God guard our hearts in Christ Jesus.


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