Lately, I’ve been writing posts forgetting the questions, “How did you feel about your use of the morning?” and “How did you feel about your use of the day?” But those two are the reason I do my accountability here on a blog.

How do I feel about the use of my morning Monday Dec 26? I feel really good. I went grocery shopping with Hayley and Samantha and Daniel; Hayley and I talked with Grammie and John; and Hayley and I went alone for a walk on the beach. Regarding the remaining day of Monday Dec 26, I really enjoyed my time catching up with family, sharing an Italian meal, and playing Pinochle.

Tuesday Dec 27 is when the stomach bug hit. So, I spent the day bedridden and am mostly proud of how I used the day. Finally, Hayley and I went to an urgent care which was really helpful. And this morning, despite being so sore/tired, we feel much better.

To my bros, thank you for reading my reports. I look forward to updating my form for this spring semester. I love you very dearly. Christ be with you.



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