It has been so sad and so good to neglect writing to you. I’ve dealt with the horrors of January and the end is in sight. As you’ll remember, there were three parts of January that really gave me hesitation before school began.

Two are almost totally resolved. The answer is in sight and the time need only pass for them to be finished. The third is related to work at the church and will come to pass when Pastor William is ready. I cannot rush that one more than I already have.

These past two weeks have been primarily focused addressing the two almost resolved. It has stopped me from writing because so much of my days have gone to that work which I have shared with you, but do not yet intend to share through this forum.

School technically started this past Sunday, but the first bit of homework is due tonight and with me in Kentucky Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I determined to not record until Thursday. It makes me a little nervous to go from sparse writings to lots of writing overnight, but I with the Lord’s help I will succeed.

Thank you for praying for me in these trying times. When all three horrors have completed, I will likely write about them in the past tense for my records sake – but no promises.

As always, I’m grateful for your accountability and your friendship. May the Lord keep us until the Day of Christ Jesus.


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