I regret that I am not writing more fun stuff. I am sure that in due time I will. For now, thanks for reading my daily reports I send via form and checking in to see the qualitative bit, “how do you feel about the use of your day?”. Truly, I am blessed to have your commentary in my life.

These past two days have been great. I’ve worshiped at my local church and really served to add to the worship service there. I’ve gotten time alone with my wife and shared meals and conversation. I’ve Skyped with two of my most dear friends. And I’ve finally completed last week’s homework. Also, I’ve attended an inspection on the house I hope to buy. Oh, and a tree limb fell on our only working car. It still works but has a few small dings now.

All in all, these days have represented a great deal of work and progress and blessing of the Lord.

For the next few days, there are a lot of tasks at hand, like:

  • going through mail and paying bills
  • getting my car with the dead battery fixed/up and running
  • addressing the important relational schematic
  • doing the tons of homework assigned
  • completing the People of Crosspath article and planning the next one
  • finishing the closing on the house
  • take my car for emissions testing
  • update my car’s tags
  • update my address on my license
  • make headway on my list of to-do/notecards

Lord willing, I will succeed and get to tell you all about it. For now, qualitative reports M-F.


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