When I started this blog I was so certain that I would write everyday. And as I’ve articulated numerous time, the goal is for me to help myself and give structure to my life in a way that allows for connection with other people and resources for my future. A daily post plays into that, because posts help my partners in accountability to see the comings and goings of my life and also help me to have a record for tracking emotional seasons if ever the need arises. Therefore, it is still my desire to write M-F at least.

In regard to the 24th and 25th, I am very proud of how I spent my days. I spent them trying to purchase a property. Lord knows whether we will succeed or not. And I spent them trying to do homework. So far, I have kept pace with the daily assignments, but have not gotten ahead nor begun to address the larger projects. It is my eager hope that I will succeed in making headway on larger projects this week and will also stay on top of daily assignments so that there is reason to hope to get ahead in all school related endeavors next week.



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