I could quote from the “Post for January 24-25”. In fact, I will:

When I started this blog I was so certain that I would write everyday. And as I’ve articulated numerous time, the goal is for me to help myself and give structure to my life in a way that allows for connection with other people and resources for my future. The daily post play into that, because they help my partners in accountability to see the comings and goings of my life and also help me to have a record for tracking emotional seasons if ever the need arises. Therefore, it is still my desire to write M-F at least.

But alas, here I am noticing six days later that I didn’t write M-F. Today is Tuesday and I didn’t write at all since I first penned these words. I guess I need to rededicate this to the Lord and try again. So, I pray that the Lord will grant me success in writing on this blog each day until and including Friday. I pray that prayer in the name of Jesus and with the Holy Spirit in my heart.

If I’m fortunate, more on the trinity to come also. For now though, thanks for reading.


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