In my most recent post, I quoted from the one prior and then prayed that I would write Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (Feb 1,2, and 3) as aligns with the initial goals of this blog and still my current desire. Yet, three days later… I didn’t write. What does that imply about the nature/success/value of my short, but sincere prayer? Does it imply anything about the recipient of the prayer (God) or the giver of the prayer (me)?

Fortunately, I won’t try to answer those right now. I guess they will stay pending as the Trinity thoughts alluded to in the last post. (I also think there is a pending notecard update as well.)

Anyway, the task at hand is a review of how I feel I used these days. Wednesday I am especially proud of. I worked hard and efficiently and got a lot done. Thursday I’m not as proud of (because of how awesome Wednesday was), but I did attend to Mitch, CBI, homework, and evening activities. So, in that way, I was proud of my efforts despite not knocking it out of the park with regard to school. Last, Friday was only mostly good. It was the second day that I had started with little sleep due to an excited cat in the middle of the night. However, I did lots of homework, ended with time with Dalton and Holly, learned how to link posts (like this link to the archive of all posts), and attended a workout. The reason Friday only gets a mostly good rating is because I also played a video game and despite this not being immoral, it was kind of stupid given that I’ve been (and still am) behind on homework, despite closing the gap signifcantly. So, I should have spent the time more productively… in my estimation, but maybe gaming was just the right thing even though I don’t yet perceive why. Maybe not. More unanswered questions… alas. If you’re reading this, what sorts of unanswered questions do you still have? Do you want an answer? (Do you have answers to my questions?)



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