So…Here I am again admitting that I haven’t written in days – something that you aready know – and I am without excuse. I’ve had internet; I’ve had time; I’ve had content. I just haven’t written. So here’s a brief update on the week:

Monday – I worked out, worked on school work, visited Dalton and Holly
Tuesday – We bought a duplex, worked on school work, hosted Lindsey
Wednesday – I worked out, worked on church with Hayley, hosted Mitch at the church
Thursday – I went to counseling, worked on school, watched television with Hayley
Friday – We hosted Hayley’s parents and looked at the duplex critically (with an eye for improvement) and went to Southeastern Salvage to get initial price quotes

Thank you for loving me in your reading. Please give me a comment if you want to know more. My aim in blogging is still to keep a record for me and develop relationships over the internet.

Ever trying to write five days a week,
Your host,

Michael Robb


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