So, How did I feel about the time spendature of Monday and Tuesday? Really good.

I worked very hard academically on Monday and got a lot of work done. I also went to work out at the gym. We also went to marriage counseling (down to once a month now, and next one will be our last – I’ll have to write about that sometime). And I had a Skype date with Ron. All in all, it was a full day and I’m glad to have made it through.

On Tuesday, I honored Valentine’s Day with Hayley rather well – we went for Indian food and I was sweet to her. I probably should have given her flowers or a card, but I missed the opportunity. I probably should do those things all the time though. As for non-Hayley aspects of the day, I did a ton of homework and attended Church staff reviews.
The review went really well and if I make it through this week academically, I want to post a copy of the talking points and my answers. It was really good to connect with Pastor William again and do the self-assessment needed to have that meeting. Also, it was good to review my tentative future plans with someone older and currently working in vocational Christian ministry.

As always, thank you for reading. Please feel free to comment. Do you have any Valentine’s Day stories? Do you do any work related review? Non-work related review?


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