The day is almost over and I’m almost proud of it.
I’m proud, because I did actually get to work and do crap today – as I confessed over the weekend, that hasn’t exactly been happening. I’m not totally proud because there were still dozens of inefficiencies.

For instance, I started the day waiting for appliance delivery and it took longer than I anticipated which was vexing because I wasn’t needed. I came because I thought that it would be nice to be with my wife for 30 minutes, but over an hour later, I felt silly for having come only to hang out. (A feeling that was compounded when I was choosing to be on my phone for a large bit of the time.)

Speaking of being on my phone, that was a theme for the day. I downloaded this game a while back: tiny striker and it’s really fun and just a bit too addicting to me. So, the phone came out to “play a quick round” way too much.

Anyway, as the day’s ending, I’m almost proud that it happened. I’m very proud that I wrote about it though.


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