I feel good about Tuesday an Wednesday. Throughout them, I felt as if I used my time intentionally without being sucked into a false world. So much of what gives me satisfaction regarding how I spend my comes from being aware and engaged in what truly is.

The alternative would be time invested in focusing on a contained video game or a contained TV show or fictional book that does not relate allegorically or historical to reality in an efficient intellectually or emotionally developing way. For me that most often looks like binging a TV show that is not intellectually or emotionally educational, a video game that is self-contained, or watching short videos that I do not analyze or process into useful bits.

Tuesday and Wednesday were very full as Hayley and I were preparing for my departure on Thursday morning. At church, our current house, our new house, and remotely with my sister, my time was utilized. So, praise the Lord that I was given a reality to engage with. I pray I never lose sight of it or the eternity which is and will be such a vibrant and large part. May He always guide my focus so that He is glorified in my life.


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