I am very pleased with how this day went. I met Mitch for breakfast and had an especially edifying conversation. He is truly an excellent friend. Also that morning, I attended my last (for the time-being) marriage counseling with Hayley. It’s been a really good and helpful 11 months of learning and growing together in that context. I highly recommend good marriage counseling to any couple engaged, recently married, or interested in strengthening that relationship. Next, I went to a resistance training/cardio session. Then, I packed, edited and sent several documents I’ve been working on, I practiced with Hayley and finished before dinner. For dinner, Hayley and I ate at the church. That evening, we attended a choir rehearsal, praise band rehearsal, another choir rehearsal, and then we drove to GA. That night we slept at Hayley’s parents’ house for 2 hours before driving to the airport for my flight. All-in-all, this day was full and rewarding!


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