Many of you know that I write on this blog primarily to myself. I’m creating a blog in order to benefit myself by having a web-log of various aims. I think that examining life helps the life I love to be a better one. In addition to examining life from my perspective, I think it is helpful to have people that have my interests at heart also examining my life from their perspective. This is the role of accountability.

Yesterday, one of my dearest friends who serves me by receiving my accountability reports asked me for my blog information. This came as a shock to me, because if he isn’t the one reading this blog, who is? There’s quite a few readers that pop in and read a few posts and then leave without comment. Of course, you’re welcome to do that, but if you’d like to help me in my secondary aim -connecting to other people online- a comment is the only way.

So, to my accountability partner who is reading this (and any of you who aren’t him), I invite you to leave a comment and tell me: What are your thoughts on blogging/journaling? In what ways are those the same? In what ways are they different? What are some good/bad results of sharing them? Keeping them private?


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