I feel really good about this day.

This past weekend, I worked on our new place really hard. Hayley’s parents were in town Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Whenever they are here we get a ton done. Hayley’s mom is such a diligent and effective worker. Earlier in this project, when we were painting walls, I remember she and Hayley and I were all working in one room and she literally finished three walls as Hayley and I finished the fourth – and we started at the same time! So, we worked really hard those days. Around work on the house, I worked on homework to meet deadlines. Sunday, we went to church and a lot our friends responded to a request for help on our house and we hosted a work day and did more!

I tell you all that to validate my next sentence. I slept in on Monday April 3, 2017. After sleeping in, I went to the gym, ate brunch with Hayley, went to the house and cleaned up, went back to the church and did some work, and then hopped in the car with Hayley and drove to her parents’ place. We will be attending a funeral of a very dear friend on the morning of April fourth and it made since to visit family and spend the night instead of driving early in the morning.

When we arrived, we hung out and ate wth Hayley’s parents and then went over to Hayley’s sisters place for a board game. All-in-all, it was an almost perfect day.


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