I utilize an accountability form in order to track certain quantitative metrics that relate to progress in my life goals. So things from brushing my teeth to memorizing scripture show up there and homework is a huge section. Basically, it helps me track myself without requiring a lot of creativity or time. So, I can fill out that form in 5 minutes before going to bed.
Then, additionally, I want to log in to this blog and answer the qualitative question, “How do you feel about how you spent your day?”
Both of these disciplines/habits I want to do each day Monday through Friday.

However, you can see pretty quickly that I haven’t been super faithful to that on this side. On the form, I’ve only been mildly more faithful. Let me tell you a little about the end of March and how I feel about it.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to give a good blow by blow. The ten days I should have blogged since the twentieth that I did not blog have been filled with a lot of homework and working on our new house. My wife’s parents have come up to help us five of those ten days – they are so sweet!
As for how I feel about it, I feel mostly good, but only mostly. I’ve been tired and disheartened that I’m not remaining faithful to everything I want to be or do. I still feel mostly good, because I’ve been giving it my best and the Lord has really reminded me of His grace. If there is anything good in me, it is Christ and Christ alone.

In conclusion, I hope to be more faithful to write here Monday through Friday. I hope also to continue to be faithful to my Lord, to my wife, to my work, to my studies, to my friends, to my church, etc. I hope that for all of you too. I desire that all people would understand what they truly want, discover forums for achieving what they want in a healthy way that does not infringe on their fellow man, and then are faithful to sincerely strive for the ends they most desire.


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