I was really proud of how I spent this day. From cover to cover it was about honoring relationships.

The day began in GA with Hayley’s family and time to blog as we prepared to go to a funeral to honor a dear family friend. I was so glad to get to blog some. It has been something I’ve really missed and still somewhat miss, so getting to practice was really rewarding.

Then, the morning was spent in a funeral home, carrying an infant, and sharing a meal with a larger part of the family. Truly, it was a wonderful experience. As I drove home, Hayley slept next to me and we arrived with just enough time to unpack, load some instruments, and drive to Cleveland, TN for an engagement event.

The evening was spent at the event preparing for and participating in the festivities leading up to and then the party after my best friend’s engagement. Truly, it was a beautiful experience all the way around.

Then the day finally came to an end as Hayley and I went out with a young lady who is debatably my oldest friend. It was an exceptionally pleasant way to end the night.


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