Truly, I have no idea who is reading what I am writing, but in a slightly conceded and egocentric way, it makes me happy to consider that my comings and goings are being read. At some point, I hope and intend to do more than just write “post for…” articles. In fact, there are many lists of articles yet to be written. For now though:

I’m really happy about this past Wednesday.
It was the day that the storm didn’t come.
The day began slowly and peacefully as Hayley and I made our way to church for work. I holed myself away to do homework since I had taken all of Tuesday off (and much of Monday) and was pretty behind. Also, pressure was mounting because Hayley’s parents were graciously and generously coming into town to help us on the house which pulls me from studies to work with them.

The morning was a huge success with regard to homework, and the afternoon was beginning to peak with me having hopes of catching up before church and imagining that if I came back afterwards, I might offset the lack of academic work I would do the next two days.
Then it happened.
It was decided that because of impending weather, we would cancel church activities that night. Cancelling meant not only would I have time to catch up and offset some non school work to come, but I also had three hours I had not planned for to use any other way. So, Hayley and I went with two other people from church (and two not from church) to lunch, went home and took a nap and then I came back to work on school.

All-in-all, it was a joy to spend the day as I did and I am truly proud of the work and the non-work I was privileged to do.


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