I’m embarrassed to be writing this post, but it’s better than the alternatives that aren’t the right choice.

I’ve been neglecting my hermeneutics assignments lately. In fact, the talk of hermeneutics assignments that are past due or will be due at the end of the week has reached the double digits: 10. And the right response in this moment set aside for me to do work is to start doing them. Do one and then another and then another and then another and so on. But, I am paralyzed by inactivity and the sheer volume of work that I cannot see out from. Of course, that’s ludicrous and all only in my mind, but it’s still there. Thus, the embarrassment.

The thing I’m now doing to pretend that I’m productive while putting off the very thing I need to do has become clearing my desktop/work space. Already tonight, I’ve completed my Greek for the week and done all but one of my integrative leadership assignments due this week. (I didn’t do the one that had multiple steps and seemed overwhelming. -Notice a theme?) I opted out of theology because the three assignments there seemed just as involved as the one for hermeneutics I’ve picked up and put down twice today.

Back to what I’m now doing: workspace/desktop clearing. I’m cleaning up my stickies which overpopulate my desktop. Lots of them I am saving to address at a later point on this blog, but I thought it might be fun to address them tonight while I’m doing anything but hermeneutics. “Then, (I lie to myself) when I get back to work in the morning, I’ll have such a clear workspace that I’ll get right to work and fly through the assignments before me!” Having bought into it for the time being, the next several posts are the result of those stickies.


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