“How do you feel about how you spent your day(s)?”

Pretty good. I had head cold/allergies (I struggle to tell the difference) and that was no fun. Hayley’s parents came to help us on the house and that was amazingly sweet of them. I worked a lot on homework and I have a lot still undone. I did get my car and Hayley’s car ready to drive around – the tags on our cars needed renewing and emissions needed testing. We worked at the church and I thought a lot about polity and theology and how I fit into church life. All-in-all, I spent the days in ways that were pretty good. One thing keenly lacking was investing time to work out. Maybe I will go tomorrow and work out, because I miss it.

Maybe investing time should often be about visiting things that’ve been missed. Maybe missing people and practices are good clues to misplaced priorities.

I heard a statement today lamenting a lack of confidence in theological knowledge. I feel pretty good about these past days.


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