So, I’ve needed to explore, catalogue and consolidate for quite some time. I’ve known this for several months and felt the weight of it. But, I haven’t taken the time to do it. I want to tonight if I am able. But before I can address the added notecards, I want to shrink the old notecards which has led me down a rabbit trail. First, I went to my most recent explore, catalogue and consolidate in March. Then, I went to the one in January. And then, to the one from December. Finally, I also viewed “Eager To-Do”.

It was there that I discovered… two things from December’s version had been overlooked in the transfer to January that should not have been! And one thing from Eager to Do never got completed or made it to any later lists! The ones missing from December’s transfer to January were:

  • Sitting Tree – (how can I get involved and help other people get involved… do I want to? probably not yet, but it’s on a notecard for a reason.)
  • List of clothing that will at some point need replacing:
    • black shoes, canvas shoes, At-home shorts, out-and-about shorts (in 3 months or more), underwear, undershirts, socks.

So, I want to address those here (before moving on to shrink the old notecards).

I like sitting tree in general, but I will not be getting involved or helping other people get involved because there are far more pressing and significant and interesting matters that are so numerous that it does not seem at all prudent to engage with sitting tree at this time. However, there is a possible not-too-distant future where it (or another similar program) might be useful personally or for my family or for my church… Ultimately I’m in a very similar place now as I was when I wrote this in December – which may be why I neglected in in transfer to January. Regardless, I’m linking to this post and crossing it off from December in case anyone is meticulously reading – take that!

I do have a running list of clothing that I want to buy. Mostly it’s replacing what I actually use after taking and loving the Project 333 challenge. But, there are a couple things I’d like to expand into (like the shoes mentioned originally). For now, since tat is actively managed on my phone, I’m counting it as success in blog life and linking to this post.

The one from Eager to do was: Sing some Vaccai. I’m not going to do that now, but I will in the near future (Lord willing) and I’ll devote a post to it.

That’s all for now, but I’m still looking forward to shrinking the notecards before adding newer ones. Until next time.


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