So, I’ve been very unfaithful to maintaining this blog.

I’m sorry to any of my readers that are faithful to read. (Ps. I wish you would comment on stuff so that we could talk/engage with one another)

Basically, I finished the semester and moved into my new residence. My wife and I bought a duplex which required a ton of work to get move in ready and was super stressful. Also, I was taking more courses than I ever have before at the graduate level. So, I neglected a lot of my other enjoyable disciplines/habits, including blogging.

Probably, that was the right choice, but I still regret it, because I love blogging. Anyway, since it’s almost the end of May when I’m writing this, I won’t belabor the days that this overview is covering. Instead, I’ll end it quickly: I did a normal amount and remember very little of it.


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