As the Spring semester ended, the summer semester began. However, I did have the opportunity to take a deep breath for a few days before diving back in because of how I spent the first half of my summer semester. The semesters for online students at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary are mostly divided into two terms. (There are a few noteworthy exceptions like the languages that span the length of the full semester. I’m not taking any courses like that over the summer.)

For Summer ’17 A term, I enrolled in a study tour of New England to take Baptist History and Leadership Practicum. Also in Summer ’17 A term, I enrolled in Integrative II (there are three of these). Because I enrolled in a tour that took place May 17-24, although the semester began May 12, I had a bit of a reprieve before departing in which I only had to tend to Integrative II. Taking advantage of the time, I relaxed and hosted friends and met others for coffee and bought a couch for our new place. Overall it was a great season and I am very proud of how I spent the time.


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