I haven’t written since the beginning of June. Part of why I have not written is because there have been other more pressing matters that have kept my attention. But a deterrent has also been knowing that the format I have set up expects a post a day that coincides with a survey a day. Because knowing that system is in place means that I either need to make amends for past shortcomings (type old post for posts) or scrap them and move on from the day of return and scrapping is harder for me although probably wiser.

Why was I using that format and why am I giving it up for a little bit?
The format was there to help my partners in accountability keep me accountable. I am the chief person keeping myself accountable and this format does succeed in keeping me accountable. So, although I began this post expecting to be a farewell to the format, I am instead going to use it in its unedited version as a revitalization.

I’m not going to give up answering the question, “how do you feel about how you spent your day?” because I am still convinced that it helps me hold myself accountable to standing guard at the door of my mind and engaging in the pursuit of my values.

So, moving forward, I’ll probably give a brief summary of past seasons and then get back to writing a daily post for post (M-F) and then writing about things that interest me – of which there are stacks of notecards! For now, thanks for reading whoever it is that is reading.


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