It has been a very long time since I have made a “post for…” post. And I have no intention of recommitting to an attempt at daily posts. However, as I’ve spent time creating and updating the pages: Every Published Post. and Index, I’ve really grown to appreciate the “post for…” posts. So, I figured that it’d be a good idea to make one as a gift to my future self.

On Thursday November 7, I was in a car accident. It was very minor and I experienced no physical injury. This was the second car accident that I’ve had since moving to Atlanta; the second car accident I’ve had while working for Laughing Pets (on the way to a visit); the second car accident I’ve been at fault for… and frankly, neither was very fun. Thankfully, in both cases, I was not injured and the other driver was not injured. But I can’t help but wonder… have I learned my lesson yet? Am I willing to give up cell phone use while driving… to give up Laughing Pets? I don’t think I am yet. Eventually I will be and I feel myself nudging that direction, but I can imagine a pleasant future that includes my continued working with Laughing Pets.

Although I was in a car accident, it was not the only part of the day. I received a call (out of the blue) from my old pastor, William, and received some hard news that his family is going through… it was good to get to be a friend and to be reassured in believing that he is my friend.
I so miss that church and his family – but especially that church. Worshiping with them was one of the greatest ongoing regular experiences of my life… and I will always be grateful for the role that congregation played in that season of my life.

Additionally on Thursday, Hayley and I had a maritally intense day. We cried together in the morning, cried together in the afternoon, and cried together in the evening.

The final noteworthy thing of Thursday was door-knocking. #ApartmentLife


Friday was much, much better. We woke up and drove to LifeGate together since my car was damaged. I stayed with Hayley there catching up on Apartment Life training before heading to visits for Laughing Pets. And I returned (with food) to LifeGate after completing the day’s visits.

When Hayley’s shift came to an end, we returned to Highland Lake and gave a gift of wine to the leasing staff (and checked in to end the week #ApartmentLife), and caravaned up to see Hayley’s family. We dropped my car off for body work with Jason and continued on to dinner with Ange and David. Before dinner, we played with the puppies – I had a great time watching Torvi eat; after dinner we sat in the living room and played on screens and talked. Finally, we headed over to Katie’s to make wreaths and play hide-and-seek with the boys.

We made it home after midnight and went straight to bed.


Saturday, Nov 11 started very slowly. Hayley left to go to Clothes closet and I laid on the couch playing Risk far too long. Eventually, I got up and cleaned the house some and eventually turned to blogging as I am now. Hayley has just made it home and prepared leftovers for lunch. God only knows what we’ll do with the hours He entrusts us with this day. Whatever it is, I pray it is less sin and more righteousness.


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