Last night I learned that a person from the real world that knows me found this blog. And admittedly, when I began writing, I assumed that my accountability partners would know about it… and of course, my wife would know about it… but I thought no one else would find it. Mind you, no one except people who know of me in real life could find it since the name of the website/weblog is my name… so, I guess that wasn’t thought through very well…

Anyway, this month has been another month in the “Atlanta Experiment” Yippee!
The best part of this month is knowing that this will be the last month in the experiment. Because next month… the experiment will become our life (I’ll get work in my field and we’ll endeavor to buy a house) or… the experiment will be terminated and we’ll move out of the city to pursue quiet Christian living (that includes child bearing and rearing – with an eye to launching back into the fray at a later date).

So, there is the announcement that I’ve been holding back.


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