This index is of things addressed on this blog.
It is topically organized to be easy to understand.
Some posts will be sorted into multiple topics.

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1.1 Considering Full Time School
1.2 Procrastinate on Purpose // My Use of Notecards
1.3 Project 333 (clothing)
1.4 My Core Values
1.4.1 Know God as God
1.4.2 Be Proud of Myself
1.4.3 Serve Hayley
1.4.4 Be sought for wisdom/Earn the respect of people
1.4.5 Father children
1.4.6 Serve my family practically
1.4.7 Give children a legacy
1.4.8 Foster positive relationships with friends
1.4.9 Sleep often
1.4.10 Check things off a Bucket List
1.5 The difference between procrastination and patience
1.6 The fortune of almost perfect days
1.7 Today Brad asked me
1.8 Marriage advice I do not follow





4.1 Life Goals January ’17