Some of you know that I am a seminarian full time. In fact, my primary occupation is that of a seminarian. Recently, I was feeling insecure about how I spend my time and wanting to better use my time and resorted to listing the obligations of certain roles that I fill. There are of course roles I neglected to write about – hopefully someday I will consider those as well and craft an exhaustive list by which I can measure my behavior (hopefully resulting in the peace of knowing I have played my part well).

The reason that I am writing down the list before it is complete is because I need the space. When I wrote it, I used the white board at church but now I need that space for something else. I still want to keep the lists as a good starting place for this project to be addressed later. Thus, here it is:

  • Because I am a Christian, I should lead a healthy…
    • spiritual lifestyle by praying, fasting, reading, considering, serving, memorizing, and loving well.
    • physical lifestyle by eating, sleeping, exercising, and doing hygiene well.
    • intellectual lifestyle by reading, writing, and talking well.
    • financial lifestyle by striving to live on less than I make, intentionally considering each recurring cost to ensure they reflect my values, considering major purchases to ensure they reflect my values, saving for future expenditures I can imagine incurring, investing the margin wisely, keeping good records, and giving generously.
    • social lifestyle by maintaining a relational schematic and honoring the social roles that I have agreed to fill.
    • mental/emotional lifestyle by seeking out and investing in therapeutic practices/relationships, vacationing/honoring the sabbath and tending to self care to prevent burnout.
    • romantic lifestyle by insisting on defined romantic relationships and functioning faithfully as a lover within defined boundaries.
    • vocational lifestyle by regular considering how to spend my time, regularly tending to my habits, and regularly create and manage goals and aspirations.
  • Because I am a seminarian, I should…
    • watch my faith and practice closely; live as a healthy Christian.
    • pursue my certification through diligent, faithful, academic work.
    • prepare for the pastorate by:
      • considering what it means to pastor
      • developing my systematic theology
      • developing my historic theology
      • developing my biblical theology
      • develop my understanding of ecclesiology
      • practicing discipleship
      • practicing evangelism
      • memorizing God’s Word
      • fostering relationships that will be useful to future ministry endeavors
      • engaging in the languages of the original scriptures
  • As I consider what it means to be a pastor, I have determined that a pastor should…
    • watch his faith and practice closely; live as a healthy Christian.
    • teach his flock, which requires:
      • having a developed theology
      • expositing God’s word regularly
      • creating or sharing resources
    • shepherd his flock, which requires:
      • having a developed ecclesiology
      • arranging for regular preaching of the word
      • arranging for discipleship of membership
      • arranging for church discipline
      • modeling and teaching Christian service to persons in and outside the flock
      • raising up and empowering elders, deacons, and members to the calling of the Lord on their lives
    • equip the saints to protect and manifest the gospel
    • develop or maintain a healthy duplicating church

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