Not a “post for…”

This post is really just a filler. I don’t have much to say; I just don’t want to always be talking about how I spend my days and lamenting that I don’t write often enough. There’s got to be more! So this is Not a “post for [enter date]”.

Soon-ish, I’ll want to tackle notecards again and consolidate because they’re building up and the last time I addressed them seems so long ago. Maybe I’ll do that now (in part). What I mean is that I’ll reflect on what I’ve done and haven’t done so that when I go to address notecards again soon, I’ll have an updated starting place…
Ok, so as soon as I decided to do this, I thought to myself, “I think I’ve done this soon” and I have… on Jan 18, 2017: here. Needless to say, that probably needs updated eventually, but given that I haven’t been doing much of any “blog work” since then, I don’t think today is the day.

Maybe instead I could cross an item (or two -dare I dream?) right now…

There are three that I can cross of happily!

  • First, Do some Yoga – I’m crossing this off because I’ve done some yoga. I stretch at least once a week and I’m certain that since I wrote this goal, I have succeeded in going through a full stretching routine. That being said, I want to do it again. Stretching is just so rewarding! It feels good and has good results long term.
  • Second, Digitize “To Memorize” – I’m crossing this off because I’ve downloading an app that is useful for encouraging me to memorize scripture (It sends me daily reminders that I ignore far too often) and will eventually contain my entire list. However, I will add to a new notecard: Blog the “To Memorize” list. That way I can share more about what gave genesis to the desire for this list for me and give you a benchmark if you’d like one.
  • Third, Review my relational schematic – I’m crossing this off because I finally caved and re-crafted this. I had misplaced my original (which had dated updates) that I had been using for a few years at this point and was so sad to lose it that I clung desperately to hope of finding it far longer than I should have. Anyway, I’ve remade it. I’ll share the results and then end this post. The schematic was printed here for considerable time, but due to changes in it and a desire to keep it not in the public eye, I have removed it. (update July 16, 2018)

So there it is. The Relational schematic help me track whether or not I am devoting the time/energy/affection to the people I want to be. It’s my way of keeping a budget or preplanning meals for my relationships. It’s not meant to be restrictive or too highly honored, but just kept for reference and as a reminder to be intentional.

Eager to-do

My mind is racing! I’m so excited to be temporarily out of school. I’ve been looking forward to these next several days with anticipation for weeks. I think that’s pretty similar to how most people handle time off whatever it is that fills their days. For me, I’ve been thinking about my goals and to-do lists. Every thought that has passed through, I’ve tried to capture on paper and put aside for this very day!

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Most of those things I want to do here on this blog, because I blog publicly in hopes of connecting with real people over the internet. Also, even if I never connect with a real person over the internet, knowing it could happen at any moment will help as an added layer of accountability.