It seems redundant to list the date of posting, when it will surely be included in the time stamp when I publish. But I wanted to include it for two reasons: 1) just in case I don’t finish before the turn of the last minute of the day 2) because it seems to important to publish often.

That last one probably has to do with where I am in the process of blogging. But it really seems to me that writing consistently is the most important of blogging habits to develop in this season. Good news, there’s little risk as no one is reading yet, but give it time… and until then, its a good habit to be writing.

I’m writing first for my own sake. More on that will surely be provided. For now though, to my dear friends holding me accountable for my days spending. I assure you it has been well spent yesterday and today: decorating the church with friends, working on school work, leading worship, helping with children’s activities, and working on school work.

May Christ be with you and guard your hearts.


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