So, my wife and I were going back and forth on what type of residence to buy. We considered a Tiny house on wheels, a single-family house, a multi-family (2-4) unit, or a small apartment complex. All of these offered different benefits, but the one most alluring to me was Tiny House. It was alluring to me because it feels like something we can “only do once” because I don’t want to try it with kids. Also, it almost forces minimalism, which I really respect. So, Hayley rightly encouraged me to “do minimalism” now.

I won’t take you down memory lane regarding all the blogs on minimalism that I read – it was over ten – but instead I’ll tell you that this is the first minimalist project that I’ve tried. Here are the rules: ( )

  • Every 3 months…
  • Choose 33 items including… accessories, jewelry, outerwear, and shoes (the website also lists “clothing”, but I think that is unspecific and unclear)
  • That list of 33 does not include… sentimental jewelry (for me, a wedding band), small hair accessories like bobby pins (but hats/headbands count), underwear, sleepwear, workout clothing, at-home lounge clothing
    • In order for workout or at-home lounge clothing to not be counted in the 33… they can only be used to workout or lounge without guests at the house! No grocery shopping in workout clothes etc.
  • Then, box up the rest of your clothes in case you need something or want to include it in the upcoming 3 months’ list of 33.

I discovered that when I did this project, I also got rid of some clothes that I had previously lacked the impetus to get rid of. But let me end this post with my list:

  1. Black T-shirt
  2. Church T-shirt
  3. Jeans
  4. Khakis
  5. Grey Pants
  6. Grey Pants
  7. Grey Jacket
  8. Camel Jacket
  9. Columbia Jacket
  10. Big Blue Sweater
  11. Big Red Sweater
  12. Orange Argyle
  13. Blue Argyle
  14. Green Vest
  15. Red Vest
  16. Blue Vest
  17. Blue Cardigan
  18. Button Down Shirt
  19. Button Down Shirt
  20. Button Down Shirt
  21. Button Down Shirt
  22. Button Down Shirt
  23. Button Down Shirt
  24. Button Down Shirt
  25. Button Down Shirt
  26. Button Down Shirt
  27. Button Down Shirt
  28. Button Down Shirt
  29. Flip-flops
  30. Tan Canvas shoes
  31. Nice brown shoes
  32. Blue Scarf
  33. Glasses

Things I didn’t count but use are: underwear, undershirts, workout shorts/shirts, lounging around the house shorts/sweatshirt, and slippers/house runners. I think this project will probably be much easier for guys that girls, just because society expects girls to accessorize more and layering is more popular for them. But I’d encourage this project for anyone (even if you need 40 items for 3 months)! It was so very rewarding.


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