Each of My Core Values has a subtitle that describes a litmus test by which I can determine success or failure in that area of life. For this one, it is:

Be vocationally and skillfully equipped to do so, while cultivating a compassionate heart towards my family.

The first aspect of this core value is fairly self explanatory, despite it’s difficulty. I found a great resource for mapping skill sets on peak prosperity’s website as the writers were outlining resilience (in lieu of a world currency collapse they have predicted). I find this list more suitable to me than similar listings found on college websites, because the skills of survival in the world suggested by peak prosperity are more akin to the ones needed to serve family in need than the skills of the world of academia/big business in my opinion. Consequently, I plan to order the skills and then develop them one by one (and hopefully sustain/catalog them) so as to be equipped to serve.

The second is even more important though. Skills can be learned and researched in the moment to a significant degree, but the will to serve must pre-exist. So, I hope to continue attending family events, affirming family ties, and thinking warmly of the people that make up my extended family.


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