I’m officially back in Chattanooga as I’m writing. The beach was wonderful; North Georgia was wonderful. It’s good to be here to end the year.

Here were those days:

The morning of December 28, I was feeling much better. I took time to write on the blog, sleep in, read and pray. Really, it was an ideal morning as my sickness came to an end. I’m equally proud of Wed, Dec 28, because I spent some of the day reconnecting with tasks to be done back home and brainstorming for Music Ministry with Hayley. After, as dinner was closing in, I played card games with my family, ate good food and stayed up with Samantha celebrating her last night before leaving – we played pinochle.

The morning of December 29, I slept in and felt totally well. With Samantha and Daniel gone, Hayley and I stuck around to say goodbye to our French family and then snuck off to go for a fun bike ride. Afterwards, we tried to stand up paddle board – Hayley actually succeeded in standing while paddling. It was really fun. Then, we cleaned up and as dinner neared we decided that we would leave at dinner of the following day. With it our last night, we stayed up and played games and sang songs with family. All-in-all, it was perfect.

The morning of December 30, we slept in for the last time on vacation and then went over for breakfast. After breakfast, we went back to our house, I massaged Hayley, we took turns showering and then we packed so that we could focus on enjoying our last day. For us, enjoying the last day meant getting another board game in and finishing journaling. Finally, it came time to sit down and have last conversations and then to stand and say goodbyes. The entire evening was spent driving.

The morning of December 31, we finally arrived at Hayley’s parents’ house and greeted her dad and our cat before turning to sleep. When my morning started, I found Hayley up sharing stories with her parents and a visiting family friend. As the group split, I went to organize our car and pull the things needed for the day in and repack the things left at her parents’ place during Florida trip. Then, we spent a few last minutes with her parents and we said goodbyes and hit the road to make it home. We arrived this afternoon, let the cat in, set up his things, checked the mail, pulled everything in, went for a nice dinner and are finally finished unpacking. Tonight, Hayley will probably share her goals with me and we’ll talk about Sunday expectations before getting back into the swing of things.

To the guys who are so good to quietly read, thank you for your friendship. It is a rare and common and sweet thing when one takes an interest in another. May the Lord bless us on account of our friendship and may His name be spoken at each of our gatherings and glorified in each of our lives. Christ be with us.


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