Well… 2017 is upon us! I need to publish something!

It’s been fun to not be writing for the first week. I spent some time playing a video game -Rome: Total War. That was a blast. I still haven’t finished it but I’ve had to put it aside so that I can get back to work. The week was really a restful start and then a transition into the new year. So, I cleaned my office, got a desk calendar, and addressed my goals for this season. Then, I went on the 7th to visit Tim in Chatsworth and we finalized my goal sheet to start when classes begin. Really, it was an encouraging and hopeful week. It has only made me more and more excited for this year as a whole.

Before I can get to the fun part of this year as a whole, I need to make it through January. There are two big things happening in January. The one that I’ll tell you about now is my wife and I are buying a duplex. Or at least, we’re trying to. We are currently under contract and are trying to figure out a lending solution so that we can close in the next 3-5 weeks. Hopefully we will succeed, but that is causing us a lot of stress for now. Assuming we succeed, the real work begins of making it livable before our lease runs out in May. I think that part will be the most fun.

To my accountability partners, I will try to write four or five days a week to you answering the question, “how do you feel about how you spent day _”. Everyone else, thanks for following along. Feel free to comment.


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