I’m not sure how long it qualifies as the beginning of Lent 2017, but I think it still does. Today marks day 7 of the 40 day season leading up to Easter. So far, I feel pretty pathetic. As a time of repentance, fasting, self-examination, and reflection, I haven’t done it super well. I’m thankful that there are more days to come when I can practice my faith in this season. I’m thankful because I’ve failed. I made 7 personal Lenten commitments and 2 married commitments and so far I’ve only kept 1 of the 9 commitments without failing.

That proves to me that I have much to repent of. I am not the faithful one. If there is hope of righteousness from my life, it is not on account of who I am, what I do, or what I am capable of. I thought that I would share my commitments, but I think I will at the end instead. Some of them I hope to “make up” to justify my shortcomings. But I’ll write about that at the end.

For now, I’ll just pray on my own and ask any believing readers to pray for me:
May this season truly lead me to repent. May this season give me opportunity to examine myself more successfully. May this season lead me to fast. And may this season cause me to truly reflect as I prepare spiritually to celebrate the fullness of the resurrection of my Lord when the time is right. Amen.


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