Today, when I showed my wife the stack of notecards that I have she was visibly shocked that I let it grow so big, but this past semester whenever something has come to mind to do, I’ve jotted it down and pushed it aside so as not to be distracted during school. So, I hope to get to as much as possible before resuming the semester.

Here’s where things stood on Jan 18:

Here’s the remaining items (I’ll still update the original posts with Links as I address these) from notecards 12.10.2016:

  1. Texts to research/respond to concerning a proposed call to bi-vocational ministry (and rejection of the full-time pastorate).
  2. Attributes of a ‘man’ that is good to marry (I should spend time developing these)
  3. Studying Successfully:
  4. “Specialized” or “well rounded/a Jack-of-all-trades”
  5. Pursuit of: health, wealth, love, and happiness
  6. Concepts for church giving
  7. Programs of the church:
  8. Stop owning; start stewarding
  9. Time well spent
  10. Habits for Living

Here’s the remaining items (I’ll still update the original posts with Links as I address these) from “eager to-do”:

  1. Clean the office floors [Although it will need redone and redone, I did it this day.]
  2. Review relational schematic: here
  3. Go through books I own and catalogue [I separated this into two separate tasks.]
  4. Do some yoga: here
  5. Organize Google and Safari Bookmarks
  6. Digitize to memorize: here
  7. Renew tags for my car [I did not notate doing this, but it happened in this season.]

Here’s the new items on my current notecards:

  1. Put personal holidays on calendar
  2. List visits and put some on calendar
  3. Advice given by Warren Buffet to college seniors
  4. Put school deadlines on calendar
  5. Create budget/cash envelopes
  6. Visit an accountant/tax lawyer/fiduciary

Since Jan 18, the only things that have changed to these lists are indicated by hyperlink. Hopefully over time, more will be addressed and more hyperlinks will appear. I imagine it will be of some difficulty to add those to each as they are completed, so that is first on my list of new items on my current notecards:

  1. Five concepts for learning new skills
  2. Eight traits of successful people
  3. Lenten habits…for life?
  4. Tactics for charisma
  5. Probiotics // Prebiotic
  6. Developing self-discipline
  7. Patterns and core beliefs to improvement
  8. Generic advice of Tim Ferris
  9. Counsel for those attempting to be engaging
  10. Know the arguments against your view better than your opponents do
  11. The daily practice(s)
  12. To Replace Clothing: a response to Project 333
  13. Tactics for kind/empathetic persuasion

Also, there is a pesky list of computer stickies that have emerged, so I want to “explore catalogue and consolidate them also. Some of them will overlap with other sections so that they will be utilized in the completion of notecards. Here they are:

  1. Religious practice relates to happiness
  2. Modern form of sloth
  3. The choice of thought
  4. Types of journals
  5. Revisit the ever-elusive “This season of Life’s goals”
  6. Three tools for self reflection
  7. Today Brad asked me: True at 50

SO… the good news: there’s really only 40 things here. That means, this is in reach if only I pursue it. The 41st? Citing and linking them all [a task that will get harder and harder the longer I leave it undone].


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