I had so much hope in my ability to do Lent well this year and looking forward I even have so anticipatory glow considering Lent for next year! Yet, in practice, I was really bad at Lent. I set the parameters of my fasting for the sake of reflection and repentance and somber contemplation and then I proceeded to cross those parameters over and over again, doing the things I did not want to do and not doing the things I wanted to do.

That seems largely a reflection of my two-heartedness. I want to serve the Lord, but I still want to sin. The old man has not left me even though the new man has come. I live in the flesh even though I have since been born in the spirit. So, I guess my first take away is that I am glad that Jesus imputes righteousness to me. Without Him, I would be rebellious, alien, far off, worthless… but with Him, I am converted, familiar, brought near, valuable.

My second take away is like the first: righteousness comes by grace at all times; never do I outgrow my need for grace, as if to say that I was saved by grace but am now sanctified by force of will. If there is anything good in me, it is Christ and Christ alone.

I’m glad for this season of Easter up until Pentecost in which I can celebrate the victory of my Lord in my life and the life of the church at large and the life of the world most broadly.


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