I just published a post for April 3, 2017, in which I described a morning funeral on April 4, 2017 that I planed to attend. It is that morning funeral plan that has caused me to have extra time today to make several posts, something I’ve been wanting to do for several days. I ended the most recent one by commenting that April 3 was an almost perfect day.

As I typed that line, before hitting submit, my heart was moved, because I realize how fortunate I am to have any days that are almost perfect. The vast majority of people across history and even a very high number today have a low standard of living compared to me. While certainly some of the differential is resulting from things I have done, the vast majority isn’t; the vast majority of what has made my life so positive is the time, place, and family I was born into.

That’s a hard reality to wrestle with, but it is the reality. I cannot answer the inevitable why(s) that enter my mind as I consider that fortune. So the only response is gratitude, humility, and a commitment to serve to make the world a better place and help a larger percentage of children born be born into higher standards of living than their parents.

As we serve though, if we are Christians, we cannot simply meet humanitarian needs thinking to create a better temporal experience for humans. We must also preach the gospel and give opportunity for the lost to meet the Savior. It would be much better to live this life in opacity and pain but walk into eternity redeemed than to live this life in clarity and pleasure but walk into eternity rejecting the gospel of grace and reconciliation.


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