“How do you feel about how you spent your day?”

That is the question that “Post for…” posts are meant to answer. I need to bear that in mind, because it’s easy to recount the day or just write to get out ideas and slow my racing mind. But really, these posts are designed to be the qualitative portion to my personal accountability. (There is a quantitative portion.) They are separate and distinct from the other posts that show up on this blog (that is in general created in order to benefit me by having a web-log of various aims).

When I consider May 25, 2017, I feel really good about that day. The night before, I got back from a trip, went to church dinner, choir practice, praise band practice, and choir practice again before going home and blessedly unpacking with my wife (yes, I did get her a souvenir) and going to bed. Frankly, it was great to be home – and that was the theme of this day.

I slept in a little, came to church for staff prayer, mowed the grass, reset my office for the summer semester, addressed a full inbox, gardened with my wife, and prayed in the sanctuary. Truly, it felt like a perfect day and I was proud of how I spent it.


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