It is finally finished! Last night I decided the courses for the next semester. I started by listing all of the courses required for my degree and crossing off the ones that I have already completed. Next, I listed the four semesters that I have remaining before graduation and spread my language classes across them. Also, I spread integratives 1,2, and 3. Then, I checked the offered classes and discovered four that were not offered. I assumed those would have to be taken in the fall (as they are not offered in the spring). Last, I grouped courses into semesters based on assumed difficulty so that no one semester would have only awfully difficult classes. And here’s the end result:

  • Classes already taken:
    • Old Testament 1 & 2, New Testament 1 & 2, Church History 1 & 2, and Greek 1
  • Languages and integratives that should/can not overlap over the remaining four semesters:
    • Greek 2, Hebrew 1 & 2, Integrative 1, 2, & 3.
    • I ordered those this way:
      • Spring ’17 – Greek 2 and Integrative 1
      • Summer ’17 – Hebrew 1
      • Fall ’17 – Hebrew 2 and Integrative 2
      • Spring ’18 – Integrative 3
  • Classes not offered now (and therefore must be taken in Fall ’17):
    • Preaching 1 & 2
    • Baptist History
    • Evangelism and Discipleship
  • Grouping classes based on difficulty to smooth out the path to graduation:
    • Group to be taken this semester:
      • Theology 1 & 2, Missiology, Leadership
    • Remaining classes for Summer ’17 and Spring ’18:
      • Hermenutics, Ethics, Apologetics, Pastoral Care/Counsel, Church Administration (+3 electives)
        • I have decided that I’ll take what’s available in the summer and then take the rest in the Spring.

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