My School, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, is hosting a trip to New England in May. It’s a short excursion: 8 days long and includes visits to Harvard, Yale, Princeton (JE archives), Northampton (Edwards & Brainerd), Plymouth, Malden MA (Judson), Burlington VT (NETS), Portland ME, Boston, Providence (Brown & FBC), and Newburyport MA (Whitefield burial) among other stops.

It’s attractive to me because I want to get a firsthand encounter with New England history, especially about the distinctive theology that shaped New England as I get to experience where historic theologians (especially relevant to my faith) practiced ministry. But all that, and I still wouldn’t go if it did not also offer me the opportunity for course credit at a greatly reduced rate.

Normally, it costs me $945 to take a 3 credit hour course. I plan to take several of these over the next several months until I graduate. If I go on this trip for $2100 (rebated $350 for travel expenses), I get to take two courses as part of the trip which means for 2100-350=1750 I get credit for courses I have to take that I would normally pay 1890 for. A savings of 240 dollars!

So, I’m excited to go and look forward to telling you more about it and what I learn/study as a part of the adventure.


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