Usually, I don’t publish a post for Saturdays or Sundays, because I’m not tracking them and therefore, they aren’t for my accountability partners. But it seemed good to group them together this time. Let me share “how I feel about how I spent these days.”

I feel great about them! Like I said in the Post for March 1-2, I worked really hard on homework so that I could be done in time for Hayley’s parents arrival since they were planning on spending Friday and Saturday working on renovations with us. Thankfully I mostly succeeded. I left a little bit of Greek to complete Saturday evening after they left that would be due that evening, but otherwise, I finished everything due that week and weekend.

March 1, I started the day early going downtown and paying for parking in quarters while I went to the courthouse to update my driver’s license. I’ve needed to do it for a long time since it’s the first step to renewing the tags for my car, but I waited until we had our new address and then a little longer. Anyway, I went and did that and then I called my school to change my classes around so I could go on (what promises to be) a really awesome trip to New England. [Hopefully, when I go, I’ll write a lot more and have a series of posts based on/inspired by it – for now though: Here’s why I’m going if you’re interested.] Then, I convened with Hayley, went to the bank and got to working with Hayley’s parents. We worked super hard and fairly diligently getting tons accomplished and retiring physically spent and pleased with our efforts.

March 2 began the way March 1 ended. David, Ange, Hayley, and I all went to the new place and dove into the task at hand working very hard and getting a lot done. As a plot twist, Timothy showed up as well to help us take up some flooring and be a part of the work. He s the second friend to lend a hand to this project. When Hayley’s parents left, Tim and Hayley and I went to Cleveland for the real reason Tim was with us: to celebrate the birthday of Mitch! We bought Coke and Balloons and ordered a pizza which he delivered to a dancing, music-blaring, triad of fans/friends. Finally, when the show ended, Tim and I dropped Hayley off at our current residence and headed back to church to finish Greek. I was 30 minutes late turning the assignment in and certain I spent my time as I should have.

All in all they were wonderful days.


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