These days were fabulous. They were almost entirely spent getting to and attending the March 2017 Weekender conference hosted by 9Marks and CHBC-Ryan Townsend, Executive Director. The event was so very edifying and useful to me as a Christian and a hopefully future pastor. I loved the headfirst immersion into the 9Marks of a healthy church and seeing how they played out in this particular congregation which has been shaped by them for over twenty years. I’m not sure I agree with everything, but I’m sure I agree with somethings and I’m sure the conversation is worth having if I continue to count myself a part of a local church.
Many thanks to my pastor for informing me about the conference and encouraging me to go, many thanks to my wife for encouraging my aim of vocational ministry and permitting me to go, many thanks to Justin for allowing me to stay with him while out-of-town, and many thanks to the church and 9Marks for putting on the conference which undoubtedly required lots of sacrifice and work.


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